Did you say long weekend?


Good afternoon dear readers!

What did you do on the weekend? Three beautiful days and working only 4 till the next days off.

Being alone for 4 nights and being a big ass old baby, asked my Hungarian sleeping beauty to keep me company. She agreed which was such a nice surprise. I guess I am just lucky these days because I managed to talk with my German Loco, my Bulgarian NOG, my Helsinki bride and my Mexicana. ❤ I am so blessed to have you all! Love you and miss you so much! Oh, and I got a new job! Yay! Starting in a months time.

What did I do? It started very lazy. The apartment was supposed to be cleaned. Unfortunately, the sloth in me took over and that was that. My phone arrived as I already mentioned in a previous post. It is magnificent! Photos are brilliant and clear, and did I say brilliant? During the day is rose gold and at night, more gold. The Sony Xperia X is ridiculously easy to use.  There is also an app, which I was not aware of, that could transfer all your data from your previous phone to your new one. How futuristic!

My outfit for home, for which I was told that is too colourful or does not look good on me and “thank god you are at home”. For some reason I really like it. Anyways. See the difference between the two photos? Old phone and new phone!  Excuse my Shrek like face, it is the Body shop Tea tree skin clearing clay mask. It is absolutely awesome. Another post coming up for that one.


Moving on… My Hungarian sleeping beauty arrived and we started cooking. We made two bottles of wine disappear! Bibbidi bobbidi boo! With such a warm and beautiful night in London, we went to the river by Limehouse cut only to have more wine in a plastic 500 ml Spring water bottle. Lol. How elegant. This would have definitely been approved by Marilyn Monroe. ( I watched The seven year itch on Sunday, wearing: skirt from Bulgaria, top Primark, Cardigan ZARA, sneakers Converse)

The next day, heavy breakfast with crunchy bacon, eggs, tomatoes, a bit burnt bread and freshly squeezed orange juice followed by American pancakes, which did not turned out quite as expected but were tasty anyway. Went to Canary Wharf for a walk and made her take a couple of photos for me of shoes which have not been taken out from two years. I bought them once coming back from Bulgaria for £10 on sale in Miss Selfridge. ( Bag Idk, Blouse Lipsy, Jeans and Heels Miss Selfridge)

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more!



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