My precious

ZARA Elasticated high heel ankle boots


Good morning!

Is it not beautiful outside? Look at the rain on the glassy ground. Guess what I did? Bought two pairs of shoes. Lol. I cannot stop. But for the upcoming two months, I will have to unfortunately. New position, new adventures, new team and my old job ripped me off. But hey, what can you do?

Let’s shoe away now.

This trend have been going on for quite a long time now. Really wanted to add ankle boots in silver and as I said before in a previous post, keep looking at the sales because new stuff keep coming up! This is why a pair for £6.99 cannot be missed. The heel is 5.5 cm and is perfect for every day boots. No zip, but elastic added on both sides of them. Aren’t they gorge?

Thank you for reading and see you very soon!


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