Two moons


It’s been a while from the time,
I wrote my made up stories in a rhyme.
This one is very special and essential,
hiding lots and lots of potential.
So here it is, do not hurry!
Otherwise it’s gonna be blurry…

In a galaxy far far away
two moons met halfway.
It was really strange for a while.
They thought they were the only one on the isle.
But then something extraordinary happened.
It was even better than they have imagined.
One of the moons smiled
and the other one felt like a child.
They never expected to find,
someone so beautiful and kind.
Someone who can make you laugh.
“He is my other half!”
Time passed by and together,
they were changing even the weather!

But as every other story,
there was something about they had to worry.

The strange force that let them meet,
now was going to separate them in a beat.
The two moons tried and tried,
unfortunately, they were not going to collide.
One of the moons cried:
“I will always be by your side!”
The other one sighed,
she cried and cried.

I am not gonna tell you anymore.
Open end is better than a closed door.
You can finish it by yourself.
Whatever makes you happy than the story itself.


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