My Little Box

The Bubble one

image-577a505c09e64Good morning beautiful people!

I am well behind with these boxes.So we’d better get to it.

Always on time, always pretty and cute. I believe this is one of my favourite coloured one. The products: image-577a522e097b4

The monthly magazine, La brosse anti-bad hair day brush, Bulle de teint – makeup artiste de poche sponge, card with a cute balloon, Givenchy mascara, Essie nail polish and Bubble Blush.


The brush is one of a kind essential item in my travelling suitcase. Wherever I go, it is with me. Soft, does not hurt me and suitable for a holiday, quite perfect I might add. And how about the colour? You can buy it from here.


I am not a big fan of foundations and this is the reason, up until March, have not had any sponges for applying. I did try it though. In my opinion, it is great but if you do want more information, my friend can help you out with that. She is awesome. If you want, check her youtube channel here. I am planning on sharing her talent later on. By the way, you can order it from My Little Corner.


The Givenchy mascara truly made my eyes pop with this black as a diamond colour, wow. I have not bough it yet, planning on it though. I believe the original size was said to be £25. But let me tell you, it is worth it.

The nail polish, red as an ocean of desires, is pretty standard and long lasting. Easy to apply, dries fast and does not chip on the first day. Something very important. My nails are horrible, soft and breaking. If you do have a good experience with one of the nail strengtheners, please comment in the box.


Lastly, the Bubble blush. Quite disappointing. I love any type of blushers but this one, is not good. At least not for my type of skin. You can apply on cheeks or lips. For some reason, leaves straight lines on my face. Would not recommend it but if you do decide to try it, just press here.


Overall, love the box and would always be happy to receive it every month.

Pictures are taken from the website.

Thank you for reading!




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