High school story


In my perfect made up storytale

I will be a princess, I can tell.

But before the prince on his horse arrives,

There will be 5 beautiful girls by my side.

Together in life we will walk

and secret adventures will unlock.

For five unforgettable years in school,

 will face up the world cruel.

We have eachother, that is right

and everything is going to be alright.

Will hope for the future to be the best,

even if the evil witches do not have a rest.

They will try to separate us, yes.

No, you will not have a success.

Because our friendship is like a flower,

the power of the sun, it will devour.

It will not stop to shine and glow,

even when the summer breeze blow.

It will spread its leaves away

and tomorrow we will be there to say

that we will have our happy endings anyway.

Because we believe in our dreams,

no matter how stupid it seems.

Six gorgeous girls

in the ocean’s most rarest pearls!

P.s. Uuu, Shestorka! ❤  and there is still no prince. Lol.

Photo taken from Google.




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