Short stories

White liar


People on the street are just watching, judging. Sure something happened last night. They could tell, wondering what was it, while staring the man walking down the street determined, charming with an enormous smile on his face.

“I must say that their stares gave me pleasure. Poor souls. I will tell you what my secret was.

Yesterday, a pretty simple day. Woke up, went to work and when I looked the clock, it was time for me to go home. The street I live on is alive. Full of creatures lost in their daily lives. After long meetings, I couldn’t wait to sit in front of my TV and enjoy silly shows.

While passing by, just for a moment my look went to the nearby cafe. There was a woman sitting there, drinking Latte. I could tell, because of my neighbour. For that second our eyes met. I couldn’t think clearly. Her eyes full of sorrow, sadness, pain. I did not know what she experienced but it was dreadful. She was trying really hard to hide it. Nobody in the cafe cared. People were surrounding her, but no one even looked, no one cared. We are humans, but where is our humanity?

Continued walking down the street to our local flower shop, which was still open. Thank God.  The owners were lovely people, always greeting me.

–          Well, hello, Simon!

–          Hello, Mrs. White!

–          How can I help you today, darling?

–          Will you give me your finest blessed rose, please?

–          Of course, handsome. There you go.

I took the white rose and went straight to the woman. I did not want to know what happened to her. All it mattered was me making her feel better.

–          Excuse me, lady. Could I bother you for just a second? – looking at her stunning eyes and smiling at her.

She smiled back with burden.

–          Oh, yes. Of course

–          You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen Miss. – gave her the rose and left.

She took the flower doubtfully and smelled it with a shy grin. Yes, I lied. I have seen more beautiful women than her. Sue me. But think about it, because of this white lie, she felt amazing. Even just for a moment in the eternity, she forgot whatever was bothering her, whatever pain she was feeling. Her heart, for just a moment, was filled with hope, love and happiness. For me, the reward was that one thousand milliseconds of her eyes lighting up with fire. “



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