The one with the High heeled strappy sandals


Hello my lovelies!

Two weeks ago, a new job position was offered to me. Yay! And on that day, there was some wine and shopping of course. On Wednesday 31st of August, I bought those beauts plus two dresses, with one of which the outfit for the rooftop party was created! I felt like a fairy godmother kissed me with magic.

Why I chose this floaty dress? Because of my stomach being bloated and not wanting to go back. It was just enough for me to actually show some legs only to find my prince Charming.

I combined it with all my usual accessories and a beautiful autumn coat. After all it was quite rainy for a London night. We went up to the rooftop gardens in Kensington. It was absolutely fairy like.  I had so much fun and dance my sandals off.

Can you see my rug going purple-ish ? I will tell you all about my DIY Saturday and the fact that my hair still has paint on it. 😀

Thank you for reading!

P.S. A lot of my writing has been now successfully transferred from my previous blog. This is the reason why you are seeing all of these poems.




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