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DIY Saturday

dsc_0140.jpgHey you guyssssss!

It has been a while but lacking the aspiration and time, well, turns into absence in the world of BulgarianInLondon.

I had a few projects in mind for  DIY Saturday.

First one: to paint my desk in white. It cost me £18 from Argos and it did an awesome job in my previous place. I also got attached to it and even though was not the right colour for my new room, it perfectly holds most important things. For instance: laptop, speakers, an  orchid and a coaster for morning coffees.

What do you need? Whichever colour paint you want for general uses, brush for painting, finishing clear gloss and an old magazine. All those were in our storage room thanks to my housemate.

Clear the piece you want to paint and clean it with a slightly wet cloth. The desk is with a wood effect, meaning unless you get rid of the top layer, the paint will fall eventually. I don’t mind changing it though. Continuing… Put the old newspaper, magazine or just paper in general under the desk preventing drops of liquid ending up on your carpet. Start painting! When finished with all of the surface, wait for it to dry and then put a layer of clear gloss over it,  at least try save the paint for longer.

Cost: for me free, however, if missing any of those, it could get up to £40 / £50.

Am I not a professional or what?

Second one: I finished my mom’s delicious home made jam and the jar was so pretty and transparent, I just could not throw it away. The idea was to turn it into a drawing paint brush holder. My watercolour brushes were falling each time when moving things around on the shelves, directly on my head while sleeping. You can imagine the distress caused.

What do you need? A 3D paint in any colour, a glass jar,  twine string tie or more normal words – rope of some kind and hot glue gun.

You get the washed and dried jar, put the rope wherever you want it and stick it with glue. Do some Picasso work on the jar, wait for it to dry and voila!


Third and last one: The sleeping beauty up there right next to the jar.

Guess what do you need?  I love drawing with watercolours, although the small canvas is not really for them, it actually worked. Sooo, drawing paint, brushes and canvas is required in order for you to become the next Leonardo da Vinci. Well, and water, and a photo of sth u like and pencils. Lol.

You should have seen my hands after it all. I had different paint on my shirt, hands and hair.Such a beaut!

Thank you for reading!


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