Dear readers,

What can I say about this beautiful place? It is a gem up in the mountains offering a five star view, brilliant people and loads to do. It is close to Serbia as well.

This town I have known for quite a while as my parents have friends living there. We have been visiting throughout the years and they have visited us. The family has two boys: one – one year younger, the other – one year older. Hence, always had someone to hang out with.

The last time I saw them all was five years ago, just before moving to London. I did not even remember until my mom and dad pointed it out.

The two hour and a half drive starting from my village, went really fast. I met Charlie – the not very pedigree little cutie, whom you can see on the photos, and off we went to the other house, where we were actually staying.


From the very first night, there was a home cooked meal and a night out in the park, with beer, guitars and good company. The younger of them boys put up with me all week and thanks to him, I was not bored at all and met so many people! We had coffee on a terrace in Montana looking over a lake.<3

Then the journey continued with a swimming pool adventure in Vurshets ATA spa hotel.


As you can see, it was a bit cloudy but I asked nature politely for a clear sky, half an hour later – all gone.

Then, a restaurant of which I do not have photos and a song – played by him. I cannot believe he did everything that was promised. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We went for walks, runs and basically had fun all the way. Goats were in love with Lucky and started following us. In the photos you can see the stadium and mom’s finger trying to take a picture. (Dressed with: top Boohoo, skirt George, blocked heels Bank, dress Bank, sandals Boohoo.)

One of the days we went up the mountain to Kom rest house and of course…my dad sat on the mountain of games thrones. We found a hive, a wild raspberry and well, beer.

For second time in my life, only because of mom, who was ready to give up in the beginning, climbed a mountain peak called Kom high 2016m! And I did that in 2016 year. Yes, I am very cool. Thank you. Every bench was my best friend as you can see.

You can find hidden cafes looking gorgeous in Berkovitsa. I was surrounded by so many animals as well. Adorable, I want to go back. I will probably spend New years there. I have promised.

Thank you for reading guys and remember, this is not a place you should miss when visiting my home land!



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