Scared of lonely


I am here, all alone!
The only shadow I see is my own.
My whole life was full of emptiness.
Then you came along, no darkness.
After time I had to go,
I left you there, it seems so long ago.
Don’t wanna be only one.
Who will know if I had won?
Like the sun, so bright and beautiful,
but solely, to itself truthful.
In the lonely silence I hear,
just one heartbeat clear.
My eyes filled with tears,
no one sees my fears.
All alone in this war,
you and me, my memoir.
Can’t stay for long on my feet,
my hope, loneliness will defeat.
What am I supposed to do?
The past I cannot redo.
 I am so scared of lonely, 
I want your support so badly.
I want to find your warmth when I am cold,
in the end of the day your hand to hold.
My memories will become ashes,
which time every day smashes.
I am so scared of lonely,
scared my heart will become stony.
P.S. Photo from Deviantart.

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