The Body Shop Seaweed mattifying day cream


Good afternoon people!

New job, new team, new everything. This year is full of changes, hopefully, no more till the end. Please!

Let me continue with the actual reason for this post.

If you follow my blog, you probably know this already. However, I will mention again that my skin is quite oily and I have been using different cosmetics, different brands and home made creams. Trying to balance your skin is undeniably hard.

One usual afternoon, while passing through Covent Garden saw The Body Shop. I had to pop up and it turns out that yet again they have something that I want-  Seaweed mattifying day cream which cost me £12 and is 50ml. Quite a lot because you cover your whole face with just a drop as big as a pea.

The Body Shop, in my opinion, is price reachable and offers good quality products. Not everything has worked for me though. The majority of it, did and one in particular – Seaweed collection for face skin care.

I started using this cream and since then, the oiliness has reduced visibly, at least as a feeling. The consistency is smooth and has white finish to it. The scent is usual. I adore it.

I used to wash my face daily with the cleansing gel wash  and it took me an year to actually finish it. For £9 sounds like a good bargain. Now it’s even less.

From now on, I created my own rating system and I will be only reviewing products that in my opinion are worth talking about. Do not get me wrong, I love reading about other products and especially all the people I am following. It is very informative. Continuing… The rating system will be as it follows:

I would use spots from my dalmatian. No, I have not counted them. Although, I did try. There are too many and he wanted to be pet. Ruined my whole calculation. It would be called the Lucky rating system. How is it going to work? Well, the number of spots would be 355. Don’t ask why exactly this number. I like it.  As usual, the highest would be 5 spots. Every time I rate a product, the dots would be reduced until my puppy becomes pure white. This is why I would only rate special products.


Seaweed mattifying day cream    •  •  •  •  •

350 spots to go!

Thank you for reading guys! Keep up with your posts, I read almost all of them! Maybe you have noticed, maybe not but I am definitely at least one view in your daily stats!

And you know…Untitled-1




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