BB Bakery Covent garden


Hello lovelies!

How’s  your day going so far?

In my previous post I mentioned walking around Covent Garden. I was actually with my sleeping beauty and I wanted to take her to this pretty little cake/cafe place called Brigit’s Bakery or BB bakery for short.

We saw it once passing down the street. No one knows when exactly was that but we were so disappointed  and asked ourselves why did we not go there for coffee ? It is adorable and reminds me so much of My Little box’s drawings. It makes it look vintage with the china they are using and fun drawings are all over the place.

What about the cupcakes? My sleeping beauty had a pistachio one and I, as a sweet-not-exactly lover – the Red velvet one. Oh.My.Goodness. If heaven exists, this cupcake was definitely from there.


It is a five minute walk from Covent Garden station and it looks as bright as a diamond even on a grey day. Check it out! I definitely recommend it!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned! ❤



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