Cool girl in Canary Wharf




I could not have waited any more to share with you my experience of longboarding! Have you ever tried any type of boarding?


This was my first time and a cool guy promised to teach me one of them days. Last Saturday was that day. My outfit was ready a month before the actual experience. If I fell, at least wanted it to be in style and with grace. But hey, I did not!

It was so much fun! Cannot even explain the laughter, imbalance, flying arms and muscle pain after the exercising! Canary Wharf was perfect for a newbie like me and even a police man passed laughing  without telling me off. I guess the whole thing was cute.


Don’t I just look like a professional?
dsc_3343.jpgI had a great teacher who somehow managed to keep me alive and bring me back home with no scratches at all and most importantly, let me ride his longboard. Keep in mind that he was walking and running the whole time. Hehe. It turns out he is a great photographer too. I kinda got it after one hour of trying to find my spot on the board. London was pretty good with the weather although starting quite foggy. By the time we finished our coffees, it was all gone.


My outfit: sweatshirt H&M / Skirt My mom / knee high socks Missguided / hat His / scarf Bank fashion / trainers Converse



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