The roof gardens High Street Kensigton


What do you need to do in end of summer? (Proudly writing this in end of October and realizing how late this post is.)

I have heard of places exactly like this one, but never really got the chance to go or remember to research. Even now should be enjoyable.

The entrance fee was around £10 because we went as a group. The more, the merrier. It was one of those Saturday nights, where it was rainy but not cold and I could even wear sandals with silky dress. There are people who can pull off summer shoes during Autumn, but my feet are always cold, so for me it is a BIG NO.

The place was like taken from a fairy tale. Flamingos were nowhere to be seen but I bet you can during the day. If you would like to check out the bar press here. There is information about everything.

The music was good, the dance floor was full, the drinks were not as expensive as they could be. Overall, great experience. Definitely recommended.

My outfit is all ZARA except the autumn coat which is 1.2.3.  You can see the full dress size in this post.


I tried curling my hair but as you can see, humid and straight hair makes a disaster.


Thank you for stopping by!






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