The one with Just Fab


Who said a lazy weekend? How about five? No inspiration to read, write or live for that matter. Lol. I believe that was due to the changing seasons.

The pattern was broken you guys! My new job started. I have been settling quite alright and actually found time on slow days to create more things for the blog!

I cannot thank you enough for the follows, likes and comments. Someone actually reads what I write!<3 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

One of the Sundays I asked my unimpressed housemate to take some photos of me in the garden. She was the one who photographed me in this post. The sun was also out, although the garden is nada special.

What am I wearing? A dress from Bank Fashion which I have in black (as you can obviously see) and in slightly shimmery beige. I believe the twin is resting in Bulgaria. The boots are from Just Fab.  Very hard to walk with, hence why they are imprisoned in the shoedrobe.

Have you ever felt like a sexy beast from Victoria secret and when you see the final results get totally disappointed? Only three photos survived. And no, I am not wearing a bra and yes, I feel like a hot piece of ash without one and with just lipstick on.



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