The Breakfast club in Canary Wharf

Good afternoon guys!

In middle of October, me and my unimpressed housemate went for breakfast in The Breakfast club. What is there to do when you wake up at 8 o’clock and it is raining outside?

I have never been in one and I know, it’s quite a shock but never really was a fan of visiting different places especially for food. My fear of trying disgusting food is very much real. You probably all had breakfast, lunch or whatever there. The one in Canary Wharf was very warming with nice interior and great staff.

The reason I really wanted to try it was because of my successful trials of making awesome and fluffy pancakes. Everyone I know kept saying that this place offers incredible pancakes – big, tasty and amazing. Yeah, yeah. They were good, all they said and fluffy. I really liked them. However, in my opinion mine are much better and forever will be. Guess why? Because I made them. Heh.


Thank you!




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