Southbank Centre Winter Market


Happy Friday and a post for a Saturday two weeks ago.

I seem to be getting worse in writing regularly and it will be even worse when having plans for the whole month ahead.

Oh, well. Keeping busy is good when you are avoiding to deal with emotions.

So let me continue… Have you been to the Winter market yet? It is absolutely marvelous. Lights and happy faces everywhere stuffing their mouths with churros and mulled wine, including us! It was freezing and I wore my new hat.


It was full of small shops and delicious food.

And the promised mulled wine, which by the way we made at home too. A whole bottle disappeared like Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders. Recipe coming soooon. 🙂


Overall, we were quite happy with the atmosphere and company.


And this picture can explain our whole friendship. She never wants to take photos and I always make her. Love You!


Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for more! Loads of projects coming up early January! Annnddd for first time in three years, and first time in London, I went horse riding! But more for that in next post!



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