Fried trout with sweet potato mash and salad


A normal Saturday with not so normal sleeping beauty and amazing wine. The recipe is coming soon. I promise!

We wanted to cook something nice for ourselves so a decision had to be made. We bought all the ingredients and started messing her kitchen. 😀 It was like a tornado went in there and spread flour and other stuff all around the tiles. This is a very easy menu! Exactly how I like it.


What you need for the fried trout

fish fillets

a handful of flour


How to: 

Take the two fillets and cut stripes on the skin. Put salt on both sides and dip them in the flour. Have your pan ready on the hobs with some oil in it and add the fish. Fry until gold-ish colour and turn it on the other side. Do this until fish is well done.

What you need for the sweet potato mash

Two big sweet potatoes



How to:

Peel off the skin of the potatoes and cut them on cubes. Have a pot ready with boiling water. Put them in. They should be ready in about 10 minutes. If you are not sure, put a fork in them to try their softness. If they are, take off the hobs and throw away the water. Smash the potatoes with some butter and milk. There is no precise quantity, however, try them until it tastes good for you.


What you need for the salad: 

Half of cucumber

4/5 tomatoes

handful of olives

feta cheese

olive oil

salt(if needed)

How to:

Cut the cucumber and tomatoes in whatever shape you want and put them in a bowl with the olives. Put olive oil and salt per taste. Mix everything and then break with hands one third of the feta cheese. I swear, it is really easy.


If you decide to try out this lovely menu, give me a shout or even better, post some photoes in the comment box below. Thank you and see you next time!




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