Mulled wine

dsc_3692Well, hello my dear friends!

Long time no see! Christmas is a week away and a recipe shall be delivered today!

Get your grumpy pretty faces out and buy the missing spices you cannot live without! At least during Christmas and throughout! We all know after New Years you will be working out. So why worry now? Anyhow…

Let us now continue with our magical potion that warms up the body and makes it move like an ocean.

Put your two bottles red wine in a nice and jazzy pot and find the right spot. Move your wooden spoon around. Let it grow stronger and warmer, add at least three spoons of sugar to help the medicine go down. A handful of cloves, one or two bay leaves, a pinch of nutmeg, two oranges as bright as the moon cut in circles, a hint of vanilla and brew witches, brew!

Keep trying until it makes sense. Voila! You have got two bottles of boosting confidence!

Thank you and come back again for more magic!



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