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DIY Embellished fur sliders


Merry Christmas! Happy new year! No damn new me bullshit!

I am back and as per my promise, there was one particular project supposed to be delivered at the end of last year.


The Miu Miu embellished faux fur sliders caught my eye while doing the shoe visit in Selfridges, which you can check here. Those little friends cost the beautiful sum of £705 which makes them unreachable now and probably in the far near future.

One of my colleagues said: “If you liked them so much, why don’t you make them?” Hell yeah! What a great idea! The fur sliders were bought from Ebay and the pearls from Amazon. I know they are tacky and highly possible disliked by most, however, at home is a totally different story. My feet feel so elegant in them. The original ones are created to be worn outside. No. Just no.


What do you need? 

Sliders, pearls, glue and imagination. A more stable pair could be created with a needle and thread. After waiting for what felt like a forever and never-ending flight, the easier way was preferred. The pearls were glued and slippers were worn the very first night. Warning: pearls might start falling if not protected. I lost 4 already but it gives them a unique touch.

Would you buy them? Share your opinion in the box below! Thank you for stopping by!



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