My precious

Miss KG Loretta


Hello guys! First post for February but not the last!

Due to recent changes in my life, the blog is on last place. I have not been able to concentrate or for that matter write. However, started reading a lot!

One of my housemates moved out already and the unimpressed one is going as well. Please do not leave me! If she reads it: I hope you started singing like every damn time! 😀 I am moving to a bigger room soon, stay tuned to learn more.

Many things were supposed to be done but refused to accept any responsibilities. This is why my shoedrobe was enlarged with 6 more pairs and one bag.

These adorable slip-on trainers were, if my memory is not mistaken, from a collection two years ago. In it was included: Evelyn(stilettos) and Mina(ballerina flats). They all have the same pattern and a sparkly flower embellishment in black and orange attached to the vamp.

Miss KG SS15 was a one to remember. I had no money then and all of the favourite pairs were sold out by the time I did. How lucky was I seeing those in Shoeaholics? The last pair is all mine and arriving on Saturday with 5 more in company. My new job starts on 14th of February and only three of the items were a necessity. But whatever, it made me happy and my bank account devastated. Check them out.


Thank you!Untitled-1


5 thoughts on “Miss KG Loretta

  1. Pleeeeeease, don’t leave me.
    I always say how I don’t need you
    But it’s always gonna come right back to this
    Please don’t leave me!



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