Den Haag

Den Haag


Yellow people!

Can you guess what happened? I bet ya can. The name of the post says it all! I went to the Netherlands, finally! It was just for a weekend but let me tell you that we visited A LOT and we fell in love. We did not want to leave.

The journey started from an almost missed bus and ended with a very weird landing. The transfer from Eindhoven to Rotterdam was more than easy. Everything was just perfect. We stayed at the Hilton and had a tea and an oreo doughnut each.

I had only one wish: to see the sea. Oh, guys, it was perfect. We went to Den Haag on the Scheveningen beach. It was better than a movie! The weather was warm even though on the pictures looks a bit dim. DSC_0083.JPG

And the beach…

We were very happy as you can see! This gorgeous girl is the Dutch Thumbelina.

There was one bad thing though, the shoes I wore from this post ruined me. It was so painful to walk on Sunday that I was limping like a retard. I did not bring my sneakers and never again will I ever make the mistake.

A long waited beer! ❤




I got lost in the depth of North sea and felt peaceful at last. I missed it so much. Thank you for visiting and more things coming up!



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