My precious

ZARA Leather high heel sandals


Guten morgen!

I went home for a weekend and felt terribly sad that I was back here, hence the absence.

Andddd because I felt really sad, guess what???? New shoes times two. These babies caught my eye last month. I love mules you see and the most beautiful ones had to be chosen very carefully. They were even worn to work! I am always late and try to stay close to the ground in case of tripping. Being a clumsy girl is not very helpful when you are basically in love with every heel more than 3.5″.

Leather, as it was said before, is not my favourite. Could you imagine how many poor souls have lost their lives just because we are so shallow? Going back to my point…

They are yellow, 9cm and absolutely utterly and unconditionally gorgeous. I have not seen anything like it. It is quite disappointing that it is leather, but I could not resist. The insole is a bit hard on your toes. Putting some silicon might help with that or something soft in general.

The other shoes… well,look for a different post. Hopefully.

Thank you!





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