What living with a French girl taught me



These are the ten lessons that my beautiful French Belle has not even realised shared with me for the three months we have been living together.

  1. Always dress up, even at home. Wear scarves.
  2. Rearrange your room often. Put photos on the walls, quotes and candles…loads and loads of candles.
  3. You might not be rich but good coffee, perfume and wine are things you should not live without.
  4. Detoxing is important. Tea is mandatory.
  5. Cotton everything.
  6. Face cream in the morning, cream before makeup, cream before bed. Put face mask almost every day.
  7. Stand up for yourself, don’t let people bullshit you.
  8. Be honest, if you are not happy with someone.
  9. Listen to good music.
  10. Love, chill and have good time. Don’t spend energy on bad people.

I hope you find them as amazing as she is. 🙂

Thank you!


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