Highgate Cemetery


History, tombs and catacombs… all in one. Highgate cemetery is the most beautiful one I have seen so far. Well, if it could be described at all with this adjective.

How to get there: 

The easiest way is to get off at Archway Northern line station and walk up the hill. And yes, somehow there are hills in London.


A bit of interesting facts…

The cemetery has two wings – West(old) and East(new). You can visit only the East for £8 pp or the whole cemetery with a guided tour for £12 pp. In fact, the West wing is visited with a tour guide only because if its popularity and important people buried there. Just an important information: if you do not have enough time to visit the East wing, the West wing ticket gives you free access to come back once more for a month long. Also, during the weekend the tickets cannot be booked. They start selling them around 10.45am on the day and the tours are every half an hour. The tour lasts around 1 hr and 15 min.

The story is that during 19th century the population of London increased twice as much and with it, the deaths. The city became over-crowded and people were getting buried literally everywhere. This is why the seven new cemeteries were opened in the countryside around London and Highgate being one of them.

It was awfully popular to spend Sundays in the cemetery, especially during the Victorian times. This is why architects have created an extraordinary space for the living and the dead.

The most famous person buried in the East wing – Karl Marx. The most different monuments to see in the West wing – Egyptian avenue, The circle of Lebanon, Terrace Catacombs, Mausoleum of Julius Beer.

If you would like to learn and read more about it:

Some photos as usual:

I would definitely recommend lurking around this full of history place.



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