The one with the converse in 1920s


Back in 2015, when living in terrible conditions, this outfit was created.

To be fair, I loved it! The fluffy Primark sweater fit perfectly well with stretchy ZARA pants and of course, my hair did not stay like this. Only because there was no hairspray and was soooooo slippery healthy and straight.

The converse is probably the only pair of trainers which was worn out to a point where now they rest in the shoedrobe in peace until I finally decide to take my longboard out.

The headband is a DIY created for a Halloween party, trying to recreate Princess Mononoke. One of my favourite movies… The coin is from My Little box which got painted with watercolours and then attached to the headband thingie. It originally had flowers on. The dress was bought for a festival I never went to from Missguided on sale. The scarf is from Bank Fashion, no longer existing store. (Sobbing quietly.) Please forgive my tired look.

Thank you so much for visiting and come back for more on Saturday!



4 thoughts on “The one with the converse in 1920s

  1. Thanks so much for leaving a like on my blog. You might want to adjust your settings because bulgarianinlondon.wordpress.com does not seem to be a valid blog, and that’s what your comments are linked to.
    And that is one cool outfit!! 😀 😀
    Kindness – Robert.

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