The one with the silver pumps


In Bulgaria it is a big deal having a birthday. Everyone celebrates and you are supposed to pay the whole party. Somehow it all makes sense there. In England is a different story.

I am going through the archives, trying to create posts about things you plan doing without having a documentation is definitely not my thing. Especially when I booked a beautiful restaurant for me and my Hungarian Csipkerozsika which never happened. I was so upset. Anyhow…

The photo is very blurry, however, I love it. I used to match shoes with purses which is not the case anymore. As I started in the beginning of the post, it was a birthday party back in 2014. It was waaay too hot and the dress was waaay too open. Mom fixed it obviously. The heels and dress were bought from Bank Fashion and the fact that it had silver strings, made it, in my opinion, a gorg outfit. What do you think?

Just FYI, the shoes cost me £5. Could you believe it?


Thank you for stopping by and come back for more on Wednesday!



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