Guapa Mexicana


Guys, I would like you to meet my Mexicana! Names will not be revealed, however, a trip long gone but not forgotten will be shared! In October a grande adventure is planned in Mexico and I thought it would be nice to browse through our journey in London from two years ago.

You will see mostly our photos and food we cooked together.

We first met way back in 2013 whilst working in Baskin Robbins in Kingston. The store is now closed. It was not a very pleasant environment and in spite of all the nasty things around, I met there one of my closest friends for life! She is such a rear gem and a blessing to be around.

She went back home and came to London for a two week visit.We went ice skating, swimming and drinking. Made disappear a lot of food as well. It was amazing! I wish I had more time and money with her. Two weeks in October/ November though! Iiiikkk!

Lovely food, brilliant company and memories… Te quiero mucho mi mija!



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