Summer wine #1



I had blissful eight days of sunshine and literally 24 hrs of rain.


I don’t know if you remember from this post. I mentioned there that my beautiful girls gang will be reunited for the next wedding. The time came and 07.07.2017 was already in full power. We were still six, however, the previous bride was not able to come. She was in our hearts the whole time though. I will explain a bit later why we were still the same number.

The Hen-do.

I arrived safe and sound in Sofia with 25 degrees temperature at three o’clock in the morning. The bride and the groom picked me up from the airport and we headed towards their place. It was so hot and we were so excited that for first time in years it was just two of us. Of course, we talked all night and welcomed July’s morning. It was outstanding.

The next day we had a picnic in South park in the 44 crazy degrees, from which I almost fainted keeping in mind that in London it even rained before the airplane took off. We did survive! Had loads of fun and games, also presents in her “favourite” colour pink.



The picnic was followed by  a dramatic situation where the groom slightly hurt himself,  awesome canapes and party.


After the exciting Saturday had to go home!

And more to be continued…



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