My Little Box

The flower one


Hola! A post long due – April 2016… I am such a good planner who never seems to actually complete any of the plans.

Let’s talk business.

Not one of my favourite ones, nevermind, loved it anyway.

image-577a4f359a124The content of the box:

* Your very own “Grow your own garden” for your apartment

* A lingerie bag in partnership with Balzac

* A hydrating face mask by My Little Beauty

* A nourishing shower oil by L’Occitane

* 1 item from one of our beauty partnership brands

* Our floral magazine My Little World


The grown your own garden thing did not really work for me, although, an interesting idea. Those projects were done back in high school when biology teachers made us grow beans in wet cotton. It is one of the best to-do homework though.


Now, the lingerie bag turned into one of the most used and necessary items for travelling. You can separate everything and it is not see through, very easily folded and does not take space at all. Take it from a person who wonders back and forth a lot. Browse the Balsac Paris family here.


The detoxifying mask is packed with 96 % of natural ingredients and Vitamin C to help you fight the destroying effect of the pollution. The texture changes colour once you have applied it on your skin. You can order it from My Little Corner.


I am in love with this one. Long gone. Obviously. You can search through L’Occitane‘s website. Would you imagine a Bulgarian who grew up with the scent of roses everywhere taking a shower with this one? Pure. Heaven. The only reason I am not buying you ask? They test on animals. Unfortunately, the partners of My Little Box do test on animals and this is my main reason for just trying the products. I do not want to support such cruelty.

The last item was nail polish in colour which I do not use. I do not like Nails inc as well. No need to comment more.

Thank you for reading! If you like to subscribe to My Little Box press here.

P.S. Photos are taken from both My Little Box and My Little Corner’ websites.


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