Duck & Waffle


Good afternoon guys,

Have you ever been to Duck & Waffle? No? Are you afraid of heights? I am. The elevator was terrifying. Once in a while you have to do those things which take you outside of your comfort zone and make you cringe from discomfort. The place is on the 40th floor or level in Heron Tower. It is two minutes from Liverpool street station. Very convenient.


I took my precious for a walk for first time ever. See this post. I was waiting for a special occasion and this was it! The dress is from Bentalls and this is the second time it is worn.


The menu was not the greatest (it was tasty) and the service was also quite poor. One of the waiters kept spilling water all over the table. There was only one person who actually made us laugh and I rated the restaurant per this. The company was the best. We had our Dutch Thumbellina coming from The Netherlands for a weekend full of drinks and laughter. It was amazing!

Yes, my body is resembling a tree. It is very hard to take a photo of just me. My brain disconnects and everything becomes awkward.

I would recommend going there for the view, however, I would not do it again anytime soon.

Thank you!



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