Where would I be without you? by Guillaume Musso


A nice start of the weekend and a book review.


Parisian cop Martin Beaumont has never really got over his first love, Gabrielle. Their brief, intense affair in San Francisco and the pain of her rejection still haunt him years later. Now, however, he’s a successful detective – and tonight he’s going to arrest the legendary art thief, Archibald Maclean, when he raids the Musee d’Orsay for a priceless Van Gogh. But the enigmatic Archibald has other plans. Martin’s pursuit of the master criminal across Paris is the first step in an adventure that will take him back to San Francisco, and to the edge of love and life itself.


This book took my breath away from the beginning and slowly choked me till the end. It is a great love story, a story that just might happen in real life except the last few chapters.

The characters are described vividly and the reader can feel their impossible need for each other. It is easily read and very relaxing. However, the end…what can I say about the end? Terrible. Horrifying. Petrifying. Why?

The whole story begins in USA and finishes there with a twist that me, personally, did not expect. It made me feel exactly the same as when I watched Love Story 2050. It is a Bollywood movie that starts like every other romance and bam… goes into future with flying cars and shit.

Same here. All of a sudden a character that was killed appears to be alive. Both Martin and Archie fall into coma and funnily enough meet in another dimension where past, present and future merge all together. Of course, they also meet the “killed” mother of Gabrielle. What a whole crap of bullshit. I was so disappointed that renamed myself Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. The End.

Favourite part: 

“The loved each other.

With a love that ran in the blood.

With a constant euphoria.

In the moment and for eternity.

And at the same time, fear was all around.

Fear of an absence.

Fear of finding oneself without oxygen.

Their love was so obvious, so confusing.

It was both a bolt of lightning and annihilation.

The most beautiful of springtimes, the most violent of storms.

And yet, they loved each other. ”

Rate: ☻☻☻☺☺


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